Achieve financial success and leave behind a legacy of multi-generational wealth through investment in real estate.

Achieve financial success and leave behind a legacy of multi-generational wealth through investment in real estate.

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You’re doing all of the “right” things in life like living within your means, raising a family, and regularly contributing to your retirement fund. You’re grateful for what you have. But sometimes, you wonder…

Is this all there is?

Working to live, but never really exploring the happiness of a well-lived life.

Unable to leave behind a financial legacy for your children and their children.


If you’re like a lot of the women I speak with, then I’m guessing the answer is, “Yes.”

I’m also guessing that you’ve been told that if you’re living a comfortable life that you’re unsatisfied with, that makes you selfish.

But at the Women’s Real Estate Investor’s Network, we don’t believe that.


the more you can give

And we want you to join us in changing the world for the better  through investing in real estate.

Start Building Your Future with Real Estate Investing!

Join the only MasterClass that shows women how to invest in real estate without risking any of your own money or credit! Find financial confidence as you learn specialized knowledge about:


At WREIN, we believe every woman should be afforded the opportunity to create multi-generational wealth, no matter her background or her starting point.

You can achieve your financial goals when you have knowledgeable and trustworthy guides who believe in your vision and you. And that’s what you receive.

Inside, you’ll become surrounded by women who lift you up. Trying new things takes bravery and WREIN is the community to inspire, celebrate and encourage you as you grow and thrive as you learn about investing in real estate.

When you join WREIN, you belong to a community of women where every member believes that she is blessed to be a blessing. Embracing an abundance mindset becomes celebrated and the positive impact and legacy you leave becomes inevitable.


that investing in real estate is one of the best ways to achieve personal greatness and gain financial freedom.

As the premier real estate investing program for women, WREIN offers workshops, master classes, a podcast and more opportunities for you to learn specialized knowledge about investment in real estate. It’s available to any woman who has ever dared to dream that something better is waiting for her…if she has the courage to try for it.

But while real estate can be “HOW” you achieve the future of your dreams, it’s not likely to be your “WHY.”

We’ll give you the specialized real estate investor knowledge you need to build a successful future.

Then it’s up to you to use your God-given gifts to make a difference in the world in whatever way you see fit—at home, in your community, and beyond.



“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, and do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”





Gain a true understanding of what a “Deal” is when it comes to investing in real estate. Evaluate properties and have confidence in recognizing deals so you can ensure you make money investing in real estatenot lose it.



Actively invest and leverage other people’s money to fund your real estate deals without risking your own money or credit. Passively invest and lend your private funds to real estate deals to earn double digit returns backed by real estate.


Generational Wealth

Secure your retirement and the legacy of your family by creating multi-generational wealth. Understand the world of finance and how to achieve financial freedom and the ultimate legacy.

Emily E.
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My mind has been blown wide open! The information provided in the last 7 days has been unbelievable! I have been wanting/waiting to change my path for so long now. With this specialized knowledge, the connections and support of all the amazing wome in this group, I truly believe we no longer have an excuse! There are days that almost bring me to tears with the amount of inspiration that fills my heart from Tresa!
Sheila F.
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I have spent so much money to learn a FIFTH of the info that has been presented in this challenge. Just wish I had not spent so much money on many other programs and would have known something like this would come along. I only have one other program that I learned a lot from, but never offered all that this program is offering. A ton of great info!
Jessica G.
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I just want to say this challenge has changed my literally. My outlook, my mentality, my view on the word "investment" and what I perceived it to be. I have no doubt in my mind that I will succeed. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!
Jennifer B.
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Thanks for the blessing Tresa! I have been to many investor trainings and this group is first class. The value from last week's information by far exceeds anything monetary! The transparency and education based on faith is truly refreshing. Your time, energy, and investment into other women's success is appreciated.
Arena T.
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I'm so glad that I ran across this challenge on Facebook. I saved it, to think about joining, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I don't know if your team remembers me asking if this was a scam, it just looked too good to be true. I am more EXCITED NOW than when I signed up because Tresa has been a blessing with taking her precious time out to educate more women like herself.
Misty H.
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I cannot say enough GOOD about this whole training! I have spent SO MUCH MONEY with other people's mentoring programs, and I have gotten SO MUCH MORE for the $17 than I got out of the $50k I spent busitng my butt with them. THANK YOU!
Becky S.
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This challenge has been so motivating! Thank you, Tresa for being so generous with your knowledge. You have an incredible uplifting spirit! Can't wait for today's lesson! If anyone is still on teh fence about upgrading to the Elite Challenge, do it! It's an investment in your future!
Shannon P.
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Thanks to Tresa, I am dreaming big! My mindset has changed! I am still working on being brave, but I'm getting there. So excited for today's call! I love learning something new everyday. Ready to make my dreams a reality!
Angelica L.
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I started learning about real estate investing late last year so I am familiar with a lot of the information sof ar, but I have gotten a lot of new information. Especially on the 15 Pearls of Flipping, but also on the hard money lending. I can't imagine how much more I will learn in the next 5 days.
Belinda H.
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I have had a great experience in attending the sessions and meetings they have had. I think it is a great association and company. Tresa has been a positive, outgoing, and caring person. I look forwrad to completing the program...and starting on Monday getting contracts with the specialized knowledge I have acquired.
Jennie R.
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OMG!!! I am still trying to wrap my mind around all that I am learning! I am so glued to every word! Presentation is awesome! The value is crazy! As a single mom of 4 with so many challenges, this was very doable! I leave today feeling so motivated and confident to start working Monday!
Es Y.
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I sign up for this challenge and it's FULL of knowledge. If you can't get in to this challenge, look out for the next one. It's AMAZING!
Emmy M.
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It is just Day 2 and the knowledge I've gained from Tresa is priceless. I've bought several wholesale properties but now I learned that I can become the wholesaler. Eye opening! I am encouraged, inspired, and empowered
Sara M.
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We are receiving awesome training and great examples of case studies. The training has great strategies on how we can become real estate investors. The last 3 days have encouraged me that I can become successful with real estate investment.
Wynne W.
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I admire the women who have stepped up to engage before even finishing the challenge. I admire the courage I am hearing. I admire the cheering and support for each other. This challenge has made me smarter and stronger.
Teresha P.
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I really enjoyed how the Todds used real estate investing to build wealth and passive income streams. They kept their word and delivered above my expectations. They delivered exceptional and professional service. Great presentation using real life situations. My confidence is higher than ever.
Jasmine P.
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I am very impressed with the wealth of knowledge that has been imparted in this training. The transparency of the teacher/mentor and other Todd company staff and family is so relatable. The specialized knowledge is priceless. Thank you for sharing your expertise with others and challenging us to adapt a new mindset.
Kathy F.
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Incredible and answered so many questions I have not been able to get answered by others who claim to be experts. Super excited to have a plan and strategy that will work.
Sykea C.
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The presentation is very clear and informative. I love it and feel good about the investment I made for myself to learn.
Karen S.
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This has been time well spent. The presenters have been great, engaging, and very knowledgeable. I intend to use all the strategies to build an empire. I want to leave a legacy for my kids!
Angela M.
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I feel the content has been very helpful. I definitely have gained specialized knowledge...overall it has motivated me to try harder.
Debbie K.
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I've received more specialized knowledge in 2 days than any previous trainings. I'm ready to dominate!
Pandora W.
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This is the first training I have attended where I feel I am able to actually go out and us ethe information I have learned to get under contract.
Marcella B.
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It is awesome. An eye opener. Not at all what I expected. Very pleased with the whole seminar. I am in need of a life change and my goal is to make investing, my life changer. Thank you for what you do, not only are you helping the distressed seller, you're helping the distressed person who needs the tools and knowledge to become financially stable.
Randaisha J.
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The amount of specialized knowledge that is being provided is unbelievable! I feel that by the time Monday comes around I'll at the very least be able to 'Get it under contract,' and understand that there are a ton of ways to make money wtihout your own money in investments.
Yolanda D.
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This is 10k worth of knowledge/mentoring..we are so blessed. #grateful
Lea R.
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I am so amazed at all the awesome information! I've been interested in real estate investing for years - I just couldn't see a way to get started! There is so much information I have had to go back and review the units several times! I hear something new every time!
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The value of this challenge is priceless! Thank you. You are awesome and this paid for itself in the first day!! THank you, thank you, thank you!!

When I have a decision to make I start thinking 'what's the bravest thing I can do in this situation?' and then that's what I do.


My very first investment deal earned me $20,000 in only 8 days. It wasn’t easy and I experienced plenty of doubt over the course of that week. But once I figured out a formula that worked for me, it clicked.

And the same can happen for you.

I want it to happen for you.

Investing in real estate is the right path forward.

Escape the grind of trading time for money and instead, create a future filled with joy and wealth.



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