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I’m tresa todd.

Professional Real Estate Investor, Educator, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network.

I’m here to empower women like you to achieve financial security and create an impact through investing in real estate and living a legacy.

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Discover how women across the nation are learning how to leave a powerful legacy through investing in real estate, unlocking the freedom and security to live life on their own terms.

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kari h.

Profited $80,000 on her first flip purchase.

wendy p.

Now owns over $500,000 in property.

lisa r.

Earns $90,000 annually from one of her rentals.


Women’s Real Estate Investors Network is the ultimate resource for women to learn from experienced mentors who have gone before them and truly understand the real estate investing industry. It becomes possible to achieve your financial goals when you have knowledgeable and trustworthy guides who entirely believe in you.


Stepping into your best and true self becomes a reality when you surround yourself with women who lift you up. Trying new things takes bravery and the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network is the community to inspire, celebrate and encourage you as you grow and thrive.


When you join the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network, you belong to a community of women where every member believes that she is blessed to be a blessing. Embracing an abundance mindset becomes celebrated, and the positive impact and legacy you leave become inevitable.

dream big and be brave.

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women’s real estate investors network

As the premier real estate investing program for women, we exist to give you the specialized real estate investment knowledge you need to build a successful future.

We offer a fun, comfortable, and non-intimidating atmosphere for all women, regardless of their background or experience level, while providing the opportunity to learn, network, make authentic connections, and have meaningful mentorships. 

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Tresa Todd has developed a one-of-a-kind program through online training, personal mentoring, and live events to help other women achieve financial security.

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Hi, I’m Tresa. I’m a full-time real estate investor, keynote speaker, mentor, and certified life coach. I am passionate about leading ordinary women to dream big, be brave, and have the courage to do hard things so they can make an extraordinary impact on the world.

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