Without Fear of Her Future
"This is the best real estate training out there and the best value out there. You will learn so much specialized knowledge that you will feel confident when you make your first deal. I have found support, new friendships, and I feel like I can take on any real estate situation and strategy."
Joanne Park
"Words can not explain how great Tresa Todd is with sharing her knowledge of real estate investing! She is SUPER knowledgeable. Plus, she has a great personality that made the information even more fun to learn! I feel like I received the knowledge I need to get started in this business!"
Sherryl Weaver
"Tresa was so knowledgeable and incredibly helpful in teaching real estate investing. The value of the network is priceless, and the staff was professional and prompt to respond to any questions. This is the best investment in myself and my future I have made in a long time."
Rachel Denn
"I am truly blessed and fortunate to have discovered this amazing group of women investors. Tresa Todd is very professional, a great leader of women, a fantastic mentor, businesswoman, teacher, and woman of faith. I have learned so much from Tresa and her team in such a short amount of time."
Darlene Beckles
"What an incredible organization! I recommend it 10/10. The amount of value, knowledge, resource, training, mentoring, and networking exceeds expectations. I knew nothing about real estate investing and was able to gain so much valuable information."
Elizabeth Clyde
"It is exactly what she tells you it is. The support, information, workshops are all fantastic! Step by step guidelines to help you focus on where to start and what to do. You won’t be disappointed, Tresa is passionate about what she’s doing."
victoria franklin
"If you’ve been wanting to learn how to be a real estate investor or private money lender, then you’re in the right place! You’ll have an amazing mentor in Tresa, great training, responsive support, and a group of women REIs who work together to help each other. I am so happy I joined, and you’ll be happy you did too!"
Lori Farrington
"WREIN is an amazing company! Tresa and her staff are talented, helpful, caring, and motivated. They know and are willing to share all insights into the real estate business. With their encouragement and mentorship, I have been able to close three deals in my first two months as an investor. I am so excited about my future in real estate investing."
Kristen Wilcock
"The WREIN group is over the top helpful and supportive. We answer each other’s questions and spur each other on. I don’t sense any negativity or competitiveness - we are for each other. And I am so happy to work alongside them. All of this has been developed intentionally by Tresa. It is no accident."
Charmaine Lillestrand
"This network has been amazing! The women are wonderful, and you will learn a lot very quickly. The best part of the network is the other ladies. You can partner up with others using each other's strengths. The comradery is unbelievable within this group."
Jennifer Binstock
"I have always wanted to be able to buy, sell, and rent properties, but I had no idea how to get started. Tresa was such an incredible teacher and encourager. She breaks it down into simple steps. She also lets women know that just because this is a male dominated field, that there is no reason why women can not become just as good or better at investing."
Angel Formby
"This was the BEST thing I could have done for my future! Tresa and her crew did an awesome job of explaining how to get started in some key real estate ventures. I am totally new to the real estate world and the way Tresa and her crew explained things gives me the confidence to take a leap of faith into real estate investing."
Shineta Odom
"Tresa is the real deal. She teaches from her own experience - ups and downs. She is very relatable and wants the best for us. I have learned so much through her mentorship and feel blessed that I now have a lot of specialized knowledge to go out there, be brave, and dream big! I know that I now have the keys to change my future."
Andrea Voss
"To be part of a professional organization that emphasizes biblical values while teaching real estate investment strategies is an amazing blessing! The knowledge is phenomenal, but the WREIN ethics can't be beat!"
Angela Minnis
"I've learned so much from Tresa and her team. The value is amazing! I've gained so much specialized knowledge in a short time that I feel I am ahead of other real estate investors. Everyone at the Women's Real Estate Investors Network is so prompt, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend them for any woman looking to change her future and get involved in real estate investing."
Shannon Pearce