Without Fear of Her Future

Kristie M.

Kristie M.

Hi everyone, I’m Kristy. I am from the January class and I am a Jersey girl here on the Jersey Shore and I’ve got a couple of wins I would love to celebrate. I closed on my first deal, a flip property, and I’m already working on two others. I have a JV agreement that I’m about to sign with somebody else in the group on a property to wholesale.

I have another property in New Jersey that I’m about to wholesale as well. I’m really excited and I am not stopping. Nobody is stopping me. I can’t even quantify the amount of relief I’ve had over the past several months since I’ve started this program. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. So, continue to be brave and don’t question your instincts. 

I was at a point in my life where I was unhappy at my job and I just knew I was supposed to leave. Out of nowhere, I came across this Facebook ad, which I never ever join things on Facebook like this, I always think it’s a scam. I’m a Christian, so I felt like God was just telling me to do it. I can’t even believe what we found, what I found, what we all found.

It’s incredible. This community has been life-changing for me. I’ve made so many friendships and I feel like these people are my tribe. After I did the January class, I quit my job in March. It’s definitely been life-changing and I’ve been able to concentrate on my family and get my house in order. Because, when you work in Corporate America for as long as I did, it was costing me so much money to work full time and I didn’t realize it. 

By choosing to put myself and my family first, God blessed me in incredible ways and it’s just starting.