Without Fear of Her Future

Rhonda F.

Rhonda F.

Hi, ladies. My name is Rhonda and I live in Orange County, California. Before I signed up for the WREIN MasterClass, I was in the same situation as many of you. I already had a full time job with my County Health Department and I had no experience in real estate investing, so I didn’t know what to expect from this group or how my life would change.

I learned so much from the MasterClass and decided that I want a future in real estate investing. I applied for the WREIN Mentorship and it has set me up for success. The specialized knowledge and access to resources on the WREIN website, Facebook group, and Anderson Business Advisors have been the keys to my success. I still had to do the hard work and figure things out, but I saw results faster because I chose to join the WREIN.

I connected with another lady in the Facebook group who was looking to fund her flip. I realized I had a little more money than time so it would be easiest for me to become a private money lender first. Within 30 days of being accepted into WREIN, I completed my first private money loan. That means I took money that was being lazy in my bank account and put it to work.

I never imagined I could lend money to help fund someone’s project and also earn interest for myself. It was a win-win situation. Before WREIN, I didn’t know the value of passive investing and now it has become my reality. After I finish setting up my business structure with Anderson Business Advisors, I will also start wholesaling and purchasing rental properties. When Tresa says Dream Big and Be Brave, she means it.

Changing my mindset changed my life. I am living that now and I am so excited for my future. My goal is to quit my job in a year to focus on real estate investing. I also adopted the mindset of “It’s not what it costs me, but what it makes me”. I am still wise with my money, but I realize that I get what I pay for.

Some things are worth the money and some things, like the Mentorship, are worth so much more. It is priceless. If this is what you want and you are willing to work for it, you can have it. Everyone has to start somewhere. Take one step at a time. Each step you take toward the unknown will make you braver. When you first start, you may only be treading water and you might even feel like you’re drowning, but don’t give up and you will soon be swimming. So Dream Big and Be Brave!