Without Fear of Her Future

Sandra F.

Sandra F.

Hi. My name is Sandra, and I’m in South Florida, originally from Peru. I live in Boynton Beach right now. And yes, I’m just here to share a little bit of what my journey has been like since I joined the Women’s Real Estate Network the first week of March. I got my first deal from one of the signs that I put out, and I ended up closing.

The first week of May, I partnered with a local investor and it was my first deal. I only knew the basics of everything. So I was very blessed to find this local investor who was able to help me close the deal. And we ended up getting a $63,000 assignment fee, which of course was a 50/50 split and it was my first deal ever.

So after I saw that $31,500 in my bank account I was so excited, it was, no it is one of those things of affirmation that you can do easily. I can do that. You can do that. I’m on deal number three right now and targeted to make about $70,000 before the end of June. So it’s one of those decisions that I just look back on and I’m so thankful that I took that leap of faith.

And hard work pays off. The network of ladies is amazing. Happy shout out to Tresa and the whole team that helped me get myself involved in real estate investment and pretty much change my life! So good luck to everyone.