Without Fear of Her Future

Veronica C.

Veronica C.

My name is Veronica Canelas, and I just want to tell you that I closed my first wholesaling deal yesterday, and I was really excited. I was waiting for the money to have it in the bank account. I didn’t know that everything was real, but it is, and I’m so happy that I made $21,000 and I’m also so proud of myself.

I was thinking that I couldn’t, and that I didn’t deserve it. I was thinking that it was too much for me. I was thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong, but I just did it anyway and I’m so happy. I want to say thank you for that shot.

I also want to say thank you to Lucy. She’s been helping me a lot, and I’m making this video because my English is bad and I can talk a little bit more than right now, but I can wait. I just want to tell you ladies that I made it. I made $21,000 dollars yesterday. And I do the wholesaling which is zero money out of my packet.

I just feel really blessed and I feel so proud of myself. Thank you, guys. Have a nice day.